Tipsy Tuesdays

Gudrun Erla hosts a lively quilting chat LIVE on GE Designs' Facebook page. Join her as she shares tips and techniques, quilt tutorials, her favorite products and tools, industry news and answers viewers' questions live. If you haven't yet, LIKE GE Designs on Facebook to stay up to date. 


Tipsy Tuesday Index & Links

12/11/18 Tipsy Tuesday #16 Scrappy Mini Stocking tutorial, Stella Quilt Along Week 1 & 2 recap, Christmas gift ideas and travel opportunities

11/27/18 Tipsy Tuesday #15 Stella Quilt Along Kick-off ~ selecting dark and light values, alignment and cutting; Stripology 101 Part 5 Stripology Squared Mini ruler Cutting multiples using 1/8" & 1/4" increments 

11/20/18 Tipsy Tuesday #14 Thread Matters ~ how to select the appropriate thread weight and color for your projects, Colors of Iceland thread box from Aurifil, 2019 Iceland tour dates, 2019 Stripology Retreat dates and registration

10/30/18 Tipsy Tuesday #13 Sabrina table topper made with Stripology Squared Mini ruler & 5” Charm tutorial, Stripology Triangle Cheat Sheet, plus finished examples of the 5 Lil' table runners, and a page by page look at the new Stripology Mixology book

10/16/18 Tipsy Tuesday #12 The Big Reveal ~ introducing GE Design's newest offerings: Stripology Mixology book, Stripology Squared Mini ruler, and 5 Lil’ Table runner patterns: Lil’ Katie, Lil’ Kira, Lil’ Nellie, Lil’ Stella, Clara. Stripology 101: Stripology Squared Mini ruler

9/25/18 Tipsy Tuesday #11 Stripology 101: Cutting Bias Binding with Stripology Ruler, Gloria pattern and fabric kits 

9/6/18 Tipsy Tuesday #10 Gloria pattern reveal, creating your own pre-cuts, fabric storage, " Curating a Collection"

8/21/18 Tipsy Tuesday #9 Quilt backs 101, calculating yardage with charts and demonstrations 

7/31/18 Tipsy Tuesday #8 quilts made using a 60 degree ruler ~ Strip Burst, Kite Runner, Easy Hex 

7/17/18 Tipsy Tuesday #7 Christmas in July, Cane Toss Runner tutorial, Nellie and Algorithm 

7/3/18 Tipsy Tuesday #6 Stripology Squared ruler, 10” patterns, Emma and new Diana Quilt Tutorial  

6/26/18 Tipsy Tuesday #5 Quilt As You Go patterns, Table Talk book, Fast & Furious books, Orphan Cake runner video tutorial, Best of Joy runner, Crossroads Runner, Countdown Runner, Rolling Barrels runner

6/12/18 Tipsy Tuesday #4 Stripology 101 : Part 4 Working with odd and oversized blocks, Strip patterns from Strip Your Stash, Square Dance

5/29/18 Tipsy Tuesday #3 Stripology 101: Part 3 Stripology Squared Ruler, 10” patterns ~ Kira, Nova 

5/15/18 Tipsy Tuesday #2 Stripology 101: Part 2, ¼” Cutting Chart, using the 60 degree diagonal line, Stripology 2 book: Strip to Be Square, Strip Lash, Strip Twist, Stripology Squared book: Locus, Velocity

5/2/18 Tipsy Tuesday #1 Stripology 101 video tutorial, new patterns Helena, Emma, TreeTime Place Mats, Lickety Split