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1/26/23 Make a Stomp Stomp Roar Backpack!

1/26/23 Make a Stomp Stomp Roar Backpack!

fun - go from this...

...to this - in just a few hours!


Get in touch with your crafty-saurus! This is the Stomp Stomp Roar Panel by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics. You can rely on Stacy's panels to be well-designed, and for all the pieces to fit together perfectly. Here are a few tips to make your project easy:

1. Read all instructions carefully.

2. Press your panel.

3. When cutting, cut through just one layer at a time. Use scissors or your rotary cutter.

4. Cut away selvages and the green 'trim' around the panel pieces and save for something fun.

5. Grab your GEasy Organizing Stickers and GE Clips. Put letters on the clips and clip each piece as you cut it out. This will save a lot of time when you're sewing.

6. Edit to panel instructions: place piece A and C fusible fleece even with the bottom of the piece. This allows less bulk when adding zipper.

7. Follow the rest of the instructions as written, enjoy this fun project!