Fill A Box - FAB program

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F.A.B. (Fill a Box) is a program which will allow our customers to purchase a flat rate shipping box, and we will keep it in our warehouse for you, continuing to fill it with your orders until it's time to ship! 

  • After you purchase this product, you will receive a personalized F.A.B. code emailed to you.
  • We label your personal 22 x 14 x 12 box, and keep it here in our warehouse to collect your orders.
  • Every time you place an order, you will use your F.A.B. code in the checkout to remove the shipping charge.
  • When we recieve your order with your unique code, we will add your order to your F.A.B. box.
  • Your box will ship to you:
    • Once your box reaches 90 days in the warehouse, we will autoship
    • When your box reached the weight of 30 lbs
    • When your box cannot fit anymore fun stuff
    • When you let us know you want us to ship your box
  • Please adhere to the following rules for the FAB program
    • Your code is unique to you and cannot be shared with anyone else. Your F.A.B. code will expire in 90 days from date of purchase.
    • Larger items that don't fit in the box are excluded from the program and can not be purchased with your FAB code, such as the larger Stripology rulers, larger lighting items, Maven iron, Cutting mats, larger battings etc. If an order is placed with any of these items, it will be edited to include  the normal shipping rate and shipped immediately.
    • Your F.A.B. box code cannot be used for pre-order items.
    • If you happen to forget to add your FAB code in your order, we cannot refund your shipping, and your order will be shipped immediately as usual without being added to your FAB box.