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Stripology 101 & Video Tutorials

Gudrun Erla demonstrates tips and techniques using the new Stripology XL Ruler, the original Stripology Ruler, the Stripology Squared Ruler and the Stripology Squared Mini Ruler in her Stripology 101 Series.

Watch and learn how she uses innovative cutting and piecing techniques and tools, such as the new GEasy Point Trimmers and the GEasy Ruler Stickers, to streamline the quilting process for many of her most popular quilts, Kira, Lexie, Nova, and the Quilt As You Go favorite ~ Orphan Cake Table Runner.

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The following videos give you a glimpse into the quilting process. Complete quilting instructions are included in each pattern and available for purchase in the Shop.




The following video tutorials demonstrate how to make FREE patterns by GE Designs. Pattern downloads are available on the Free Patterns & Templates tab