5/2/2023 Tipsy Tuesday Cuddle, Chenille, New Fabrics and more!

5/2/2023 Tipsy Tuesday Cuddle, Chenille, New Fabrics and more!

We LOVE Cuddle! Enjoy this tutorial and grab these must-have tools for best results:

Knit & Stretch Needles have medium ball points and are less likely to break cuddle fibers.

Flowerhead Pins are long and fine, and easier to see in the cuddle's nap.

The Stiletto Tool is the perfect finisher! 

Front Nine! Putt around the greens with Elizabeth Medley’s ‘Front Nine.’ Featuring plaid patterning, tossed golf balls and golf carts, and an endless green field. This fabric collection is a hole in one by Henry Glass!


Add the panel and these blenders for more Front Nine fun:



‘Stand Tall’ by Janet Rae Nesbitt for Henry Glass shows us how to be positive! Be like a sunflower, bright, shining, and always turn toward the sun. Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits.
Choose any of these coordinates and blenders to add even more positive elements to Stand Tall: 
The chenille technique is fun and easy with these tools:

Slash Cutter for straight or curved seams


Non-Stick Sewing Machine Needles

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