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Following Bonnie Hunter's Rhododendron Trail, kind of.

Following Bonnie Hunter's Rhododendron Trail, kind of.

It's the time of year where I imagine myself quilting along with Bonnie Hunter and her Winter Mystery Quilt, Rhododendron Trail. Imaginary quilting is almost as satisfying, yes? Certainly less clean up! Bonnie lives in a beautiful part of the country and the images she's using for inspiration are fabulous. You can find out more about her Mystery Quilt on her blog post, linked HERE

Bonnie suggests using the following photos and color chips as a guide. She says "think Spring/Summer" and went with pinks, yellows, garnet, neutrals and aqua.



Here's what I found in the Shop to replicate these colors. Keep in mind, Bonnie's quilts are scrappy, just like mine, so the more variety the better!

Basic Stash Builder Bundles are great for situations like these. If you don't have a large fabric collection or are missing a few key colors, pick one up. 



1 Yard Collection, look at those glorious aqua to turquoise yards. Bonnie suggests choosing one fabric in this color. I love how these work together and can't wait to see Bonnie's finished quilt. 

1 Yards left to right, top to bottom

Rebel quilting alert, never one to always follow the rules...I kept thinking about the gorgeous lavender fabrics we have in the Shop. Plus, I know there are purple rhododendrons so this pull is totally in theme. :) The end result is my take on Rhododendron Trail using lavender, golds, and a deep sienna color, either blue or green instead of aqua and a 3 Yard cut of Flying Seeds or Wild Stems. 

1 Yards left to right, top to bottom

Watch how these pulls came together during Tipsy Tuesday, November 2nd.