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Dina Quilt Along

Dina Quilt Along

To welcome the newest pattern into the GE Designs repertoire, we're hosting a Quilt Along! This Dina Quilt Along was held on February 13th during the Tipsy Tuesday show at 4:00pm CST.* Follow along here for tips, tricks, and updates.

To participate in the Quilt Along, all you need to do is purchase the pattern here.


Dina is made with either 1/2 yard cuts (40" wide) or Fat Quarters (18" x 20") and comes together very easily. It's great for beginners and perfect for flannels. There are six different size options: crib, lap, twin, full, queen, & king.

Notions needed:

Recommended bundles:

Dina is a versatile pattern that goes well with most bundles. The only essential element is a high-contrast accent fabric within your bundle that stands out for the diagonal lines. It doesn't have to be dark or light, but a bold enough to stand out. For example, with the Winsome Critters bundle, the solid green fabric works well as the accent fabric, since it pops against the lighter and patterned squares around it.

Here are some of our curated picks for bundles we think would do especially well for Dina:

Besties - Warm Stash Builder Bundle

Chrysanthemum Stash Builder Bundle

Desert Blooms Stash Builder Bundle

Love Always Stash Builder Bundle

Little Swan Stash Builder Bundle

Etchings Stash Builder Bundle

Willow Stash Builder Bundle

Treasured Stash Builder Bundle

Bluish Stash Builder Bundle


Be sure to stop here for updates regularly. We're excited for you to join us! 


*The video contains a few inconsistencies, so ultimately, follow the pattern as shown in the downloadable PDF. Thank you for your understanding!