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GE Improv Placemats & Mug Rug Instructions November 30, 2023

GE Improv Placemats & Mug Rug Instructions November 30, 2023

These fun placemats combine quilt as you go and easy improv piecing. If you haven't done improv before don't despair, here are a few tips for helping make your project turn out GREAT!

Step 1: Determine your project finished size. Our finished placemats are 18" wide x 15" tall. The mug rugs are 10" wide x 7" tall. 

Step 2: Cut backing and batting one inch wider and taller than your finished project. That allows you to square-up your project before you bind it.

Step 3: Using DuraFuse Interfacing by Bosal, fuse your batting to wrong side of backing.

Step 4: Determine what your focal image/print should be. For placemats, we aim for an image that is approximately 1/3 the width of the placemat. Lay the image at an angle in a way that appeals to you. 

Step 5: Determine which fabrics you'll add to the top & bottom of your focal print. Using quilt as you go, stitch top and then bottom prints to your focal print, sewing through all layers.

Step 6: Add a strip of fabric to the right of your focal image, this strip should span the placemat from top to bottom. In our placemat examples we used the bright green for this step.

Step 7: Add one final piece of fabric that will completely cover the remainder of your placemat. 

Step 7: Press all seams and trim to size. 

Step 8: Bind as you would a quilt.

The mug rugs are constructed in much the same way, however the image fills 2/3 of the size of the finished piece. 

These photos will help you think about ways you can create your own improv projects!

Prepare your backing and batting and select a focal image.


Add fabric to top, bottom, and side of your image.

Add a center strip then one large rectangle to cover the remaining batting. Press, trim, and bind.

For mug rugs, alternating images to the right and left make a truly unique collection.