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GEasy Tissue Cover

GEasy Tissue Cover

We love cute, fun, personal items at GE Designs! These individual-sized tissue covers certainly are cute & fun! Make one for yourself and one for a friend, make a stash of them so you always have a little gift on hand!


 Step 1: Cut two rectangles 6" x 6.5" and one rectangle 2.5" x 6". You can make your tissue cover scrappy, use coordinated fabrics, or all one fabric. Step 2: Fold your 2.5" x 6" accent rectangle in half right sides together the long way, press.
Step 3: Layer your 6" x 6.5" rectangles right sides together with the Step 2 rectangle sandwiched between them. Sew along both 6" raw edges.
Step 4: Turn right side out and press.
Step 5: Fold your Step 4 rectangle in half, right sides together as pictured. Stitched open seams closed.
Step 6: Turn right side out press. Optional: Stitch the seam closed from seam to .75" from both seams. This makes opening smaller and tissues more secure. 


Enjoy your GEasy Tissue Cover!