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Halldora Sew Along

Halldora Sew Along

Kara and Nancy are leading a slow paced sew along using the Halldora Pattern from the Quilts of Iceland book. Follow along here for tips, tricks, and updates.

Month 1

This month, we're working through step one of instructions, just getting our pieces cut, strips sewn and pressed. 

Notions needed:


Gudrun talked about selecting fabric for this project and things to think about and take into consideration. The show can be found here.

Be sure to stop here for updates regularly. We're excited for you to join us!


Month 2

All pieces should be cut and step 1 should be complete. Next up is step 2 in the Halldora pattern. Make your 4 patches and spin the seams. Both Gudrun and Nancy have videos that offer some helpful tips on how to spin seams.

Once all the 4 patches are made, go ahead and group the four 4 patches, four matching rectangles, and the background square together so that you're all set for step 3 next month. 

You can also get started on the Dora table runner that's made with leftover pieces of Halldora! 

Watch the entire show here!