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Icelandic Yule Lads - 13 Days of Gifts

Icelandic Yule Lads - 13 Days of Gifts

Starting Monday, Dec. 4th, and continuing on for 13 consecutive days, the Icelandic Yule Lads will be causing mischief here at GE Designs.  In this blog, a new Yule Lad will be revealed each day, along with a description of their personality and the specifics of what kinds of troublemaking they like to do!

Our GE Designs employees have chosen a favorite Yule Lad, and we'll reveal them each day!  Check back on the blog and on Facebook/Instagram for daily videos and fun! And, of course, shop to your heart's content with the deal of the day! 
Deals will only last a total of 24 hours - from 12:00 pm CST to 12:00 pm CST the following day.  Don't miss out on your favorite deal!  Here's what's to come...

Saturday, Dec. 16

Day #13 - Candle Beggar

On the final day of the Yule Lads, let’s welcome Candle Beggar! He’s a sneaky one who likes to hide in the shadows and steal candles right from the hands of children. But instead of using his swiped candles to read in the dark winter evenings, he likes to eat the tallows made from animal fat!


Nancy can appreciate his enjoyment of candles (though not for eating!), and she was reminded of the lantern-lit streets of London. So, to celebrate the final Yule Lad, we’re offering 20% off all London Calling kits. Don’t miss out on this fun Block of the Month discount!

Shop London Calling Fabric Kit Now!

Friday, Dec. 15

Day #12 - Meat Hook


It’s the twelfth day of gift-giving, and Meat Hook is coming today! He’s here to steal all your leftover meat, because who can resist some nice, home-cooked roast? He’ll wait until you’re sound asleep, then he’ll cleverly reach onto the counter with his sharp hook and snatch all the meat for himself!


Meat Hook is so dedicated to stealing meat that he’ll even wait in the cold outside. Our employee, Adam, figured the Yule Lad might get pretty chilly while waiting, so he’s offering a special on 108” fabrics in honor of Meat Hook. Until noon CST tomorrow, all 108” fabrics are 10% off. Go snatch a few with your hooks before they’re gone!

Shop 108" fabrics now!

Thursday, Dec. 14

Day #11 - Doorway Sniffer


Sniff, sniff! Something smells good…and Doorway Sniffer is prowling around to find it! Laufabrauð, Icelandic leaf bread, is his favorite snack to steal, and he’ll sniff around every doorway he can find to hunt down this tasty bread.


Gudrun appreciates his knack for sniffing out a good deal, and she’s “fast” and “furiously” sniffed out a great deal of her own! From now until noon tomorrow (CST), all previous Fast & Furious seasons are 40% off.

Shop Fast & Furious seasons now!

Wednesday, Dec. 13

Day #10 - Window Peeper


Everyone, hide – Window Peeper is here! When the cold, winter nights are long and dark, he just might be lurking outside your windows and watching you. How unnerving! But don’t worry; so long as you stay inside, you’ll be safe. And who would want to go out in the snow at night, anyway?


Instead of spying on people, Kara thinks Window Peeper should spy on some GE design quilt classes! To help teach Window Peeper some new skills (and manners!), all GE design class packs are a staggering 40% off. This limited-time special ends tomorrow at noon CST, so don’t wait!

Buy Class Packs Now!

Tuesday, Dec. 12

Day #9 - Sausage Swiper


It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Sausage Swiper!

This Yule Lad waits atop the rafters of homes and then swoops down to snatch up any sausages left out in the open. He’s here to visit today, so keep an eye out for his hijinks.


Our employee, Michael, loves both Sausage Swiper and clearance sales, so we’ve created a clearance special to celebrate today’s Yule Lad! For 24 hours, ending at noon CST tomorrow, all clearance items are an additional 10% off, so don’t miss out on this incredible deal.

Shop clearance now!

Monday, Dec. 11

Day #8 - Skyr Gobbler


Today’s Yule Lad is Skyr Gobbler! Skyr is an Icelandic yogurt that’s popular around the holidays,
and for good reason; it’s delicious! So, it’s no wonder that one of the Yule Lads discovered the delicacy of skyr and decided to visit every year to steal as much as he could.



Skyr Gobbler is our employee, Karen’s, favorite Yule Lad, and to celebrate his excellent taste in
food, she’s promoting a fat quarter sale. After all, if you eat too much skyr, you might get fat! From now
until noon tomorrow CST, all decostitch fat quarter bundles are an additional 10% off their current clearance sale.

Purchase Here

Sunday, Dec. 10

Day #7 - Door Slammer


Slam! Slam! If you hear a door slamming in the middle of the night, it might just be the
notorious Door Slammer! This Yule Lad delights in slamming doors all night and keeping everyone
awake. He clearly doesn’t understand the importance of a good night’s sleep!


This Yule Lad was Mr. GP’s favorite when he as a kid. To honor Door Slammer, Mr. GP wanted all
fabric panels to have their own special. (Door panels…fabric panels…we’re sew punny!) For the next 24 hours (ends tomorrow at noon CST), all panels are a whopping 20% off.

Saturday, Dec. 9

Day #6 - Bowl Licker

Yesterday, the Pot Licker Yule Lad visited; now, it’s time for his creepier brother, Bowl Licker!

Back in the old days, Icelanders used to store their food bowls under their beds. So, if you were finishing up a late-night snack and put the rest of your food under your bed…Bowl Licker would be waiting there to snatch your bowl from you!


Though Bowl Licker might have a scary reputation, Mr. HP can’t blame him for his love of bowl
leftovers; after all, if the bowl was full of grits, he would lick it all up! Because Bowl Licker likes Mr. HP’s
appreciation of leftovers, this Yule Lad is helping promote Mr. HP’s stickers – and other GE Designs

From now until noon tomorrow CST, all GE merch (T-shirts and stickers) is 25% off.


Friday, Dec. 8

Day #5 - Pot Licker


It’s Pot Licker’s turn for the Yule Lad spotlight! This hungry lad loves scrounging any pots that have unfinished meals in them. So, be sure to finish your food, otherwise Pot Licker will visit and wreak havoc!


Speaking of leftovers…the GE Designs team has “accidentally” left some PDF pattern leftovers in the warehouse, so grab them quickly before they’re gobbled up!

Our employee, Lauri, is here to help spread the word on these tasty morsels that are 25% off, and both she and Pot Licker hope you can partake in this steal of a deal!

Shop PDF Patterns Now!


Thursday, Dec. 7

Day #4 - Spoon Licker



Day 4’s Yule Lad is the Spoon Licker! If you don’t wash your spoons after a meal, then he’ll sneak into your house and lick them clean! But honestly, who wouldn’t lick their spoons clean after a delicious meal?


Coleen from One Yard Wednesday likes the Spoon Licker, because he reminds her of Scrappy Strips! Whether it’s from spoons or fabric, scraps should never go to waste – especially these beautiful Scrappy Strips. From now until noon CST tomorrow, buy two Scrappy Strips and get one free!


Buy Scrappy Strips Bundle Now

Wednesday, Dec. 6

Day #3 - Stubby

Uh-oh, Stubby is here! Be sure to put your pots and pans up high, because this Yule Lad will steal them for the leftover scraps of food! He’s always hungry, so he’ll do everything he can to take your precious pans.


Our employee, Beth, felt a particular kinship with Stubby’s grand appetite, impishness, and short stature.

She’s joining him in his gift-giving, where if you buy two Mystery Bundles, you get one free! Be sure to take advantage of this 24-hour deal that disappears tomorrow at noon, CST!


Tuesday, Dec. 5

Day #2 - Gully Gawk

Gully Gawk is visiting today! He likes pranking people by waiting patiently until everyone has fallen asleep, and then he steals and drinks all the foam from their milk. How horrible! Though, we can’t really blame him; it’s hard to beat a nice warm cup of milk on a chilly winter’s day.



In honor of Gully Gawk, all our batting (which is kind of “foamy!”) is 10% off! Gully Gawk disappears in 24 hours (tomorrow at noon CST), so don't miss out on his gift!

Our employee, Carey, loves Gully Gawk's antics and his batting discount, so she's here to partake in his mischief!



Monday, Dec. 4

Day #1  - Sheep-Cote Clod 


The Sheep-Cote Clod is the first of the Icelandic Yule Lads, and he enjoys wreaking havoc among the sheep! He creeps around from house to house and scares the sheep that are trying to sleep during the long winter nights.

Though he might look scary, he makes a “Perfect Pair” with his sheep! To celebrate the Sheep-Cote Clod’s mischief, all Perfect Pair Boxes now come with a free mystery bundle. Valid for today only, so grab the deal before the Sheep-Cote Clod disappears from the neighborhood!

Our employee, Kobe, loves the Sheep-Cote Clod and the Perfect Pairing deal, so he's here to help promote the Yule Lad's gift!



 *You won't need to add the mystery bundle to your cart, this will be sent to you automatically upon shipping!