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May 30, 2023 GEasy Pennant!

May 30, 2023 GEasy Pennant!

One Yard Wednesday - our weekly show where we show you fun ideas for great fabrics at fantastic prices! We love this bunting idea (or pennant, flag, banner...many names for this proejct)! 


 To make your own pennant, follow these GEasy steps:

1. Cut two 10" by width of fabric strips & subcut into 60 degree triangles (If your fabric has a directional print, you may need to cut length of fabric.)

2. Cut two 6"  by width of fabric strips & subcut into 60 degree triangles

3. Cut three 2-1/2" width of fabric strips, join. Fold wrong sides together and press, open and press raw edge to center fold on both sides. Press well.

4. Sew triangles right sides together on two sides, turn right side out and press. 

5. Insert triangle raw edges into Step 3 strip alternating small and large triangles.

6. Topstitch on the open side of the strip, catching flag raw edges.

7. Hang & enjoy!

This is a fun and easy pattern that you can adjust to make it your own! Change size of triangles, add more prints for a scrappy look, applique a message onto the triangles, try a laminate for outside use - bet you can't make just one! For a quick and easy pennant, fuse your triangles wrong sides together using Heat n Bond or your favorite double stick adhesive.