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Strip Along 2021

Strip Along 2021

It's time for another Strip Along! Shop your fabric collection for 2 1/2" strips or see what suits your fancy in the Shop. I've taken an older pattern and Stripologized it for use with the Stripology XL Ruler and GEasy Point Trimmers. Of course, I'll include instructions and demonstrations using regular rulers. I've added sizes and offered border options, too. Save the dates and keep checking this blog post for updates and links. 

Tipsy Tuesdays 4/6, 4/13, 4/20 & 4/27 @ 7PM CDT on Facebook and YouTube

*** Read your pattern, gather your fabrics but DO NOT CUT!! I'm going to show you a few options. Patience, people. ;)

April 27, 2021 Slide Show


April 20, 2021 PART THREE 

Assembling your blocks, spinning the center seam in your block, laying out your quilt.


April 13, 2021 PART TWO

Back to Step 1 and then Step 3. Pay attention to pressing, everything goes toward the long strip. :)

If you are working on the full size, you will be making 60 of each coloration of the step 3 units. If you are making queen/king size, you'll be making 72 of each coloration. 

Yardage for Binding: Full size: 3/4 yd.        Queen/King size: 7/8 yd.

Yardage for Backing: Full size: 6-1/4 yd.    Queen/King size: 7-1/4 yd.

Yardage for other sizes are found in the pattern.


April 6, 2021 PART ONE

We're going to skip Step one and focus on Step 2. Trust me!!! Here's the bonus sheet. 


March 30, 2021 

If you're looking for fabric options from the Shop, I've pulled a number of our Stash Builders that would work for you. The first group of fabrics are evenly split with lights and darks, the second group have additional 1 yards added to balance them out. 

These videos are meant as a complement to the written pattern instructions. The Strip Joints pattern must be purchased to create the quilt.

Tipsy Tuesday, March 30, 2021