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Strip Along 2024 - Strips & Salsa

Strip Along 2024 - Strips & Salsa

Join our 8th annual Strip Along that takes place during our Tipsy Tuesday shows in April and May 2024. We will be working on the Strips & Salsa Quilt pattern which has some great design options. Sift through your fabric collection for 2-1/2" strips or see what suits your fancy in the GE Shop. This pattern was originally released in 2009, before the Stripology rulers but Gudrun will be giving you all her greatest tips and tricks using the rulers!

Here are a few Strips & Salsa Quilts, it's always amazing how fabric choices completely changes the look of a pattern: 

You can use a light background or dark, simple or with a pattern. Use scrappy strips or more coordinated, do a horizontal layout or a vertical. 

You can even go extra scrappy with your quilt, add borders or take them away! That's what makes it fun!

To join the fun, you only need to purchase the pattern. It is on special until we start part 1 so purchase your printed or pdf version here:

Strips & Salsa Printed Pattern 

Strips & Salsa PDF Pattern 

If you want to make the quilt larger than Twin size, here are the fabric requirements for a couple of more options, based on the original vertical layout.

Full/Queen Size: 83" x 95" 

You'll be making 6 rows with 14 blocks plus a starter. 

Assorted Fabrics: 48, 2-1/2" x WOF strips

Background: 4-3/4 yds.  

King Size: 110" x 118" 

You'll be making 8 rows with 18 blocks plus a starter. 

Assorted Fabrics: 80, 2-1/2" x WOF strips 

Background: 7-3/4 yds. 


Make sure to save the dates listed below and keep checking this blog post for updates and links.

The Strip Along will be a portion of Tipsy Tuesday, catch it live or on Facebook or YouTube. Here are the dates:

April 16th: Part 1

April 23rd: Part 2

April 29th: Part 3 (this is a Monday)

May 7th: Part 4

The introduction took place during our Tipsy Tuesday show on April 9th. Find the link below.

 Part 1 - April 16th 2024

We got our fabric cut and Gudrun assigned our homework of working through step 3 in the pattern. 

For those making the larger sizes, you will see listed above how many starter blocks you need (6 for full/queen, 8 for king). Make your background square cuts for the starter blocks accordingly.

To determine how much of each of the rest of the units to cut from the background, you will be making 84 regular blocks for full/queen and 144 for king. For each block, you will need one square, one rectangle and two small triangles from the background fabric (sizes not listed for copyright reasons). That would make it easy to figure out how much to cut for your whole quilt. Have fun!

Part 2 - April 23rd 2024

We move on to the second half of our blocks. Homework for this part is finishing all the blocks and then sew them together into the rows, according to the layout of your choosing. 

Part 3 - April 29th 2024

It is time to get our Strips & Salsa quilt tops finished. Gudrun shows a great way to trim up your rows of blocks and add the sashing and borders.


Part 4 - May 7th 2024

Gudrun gives great ideas and thoughts on quilting the Strips & Salsa quilts on a longarm machine. Nina Clotfelder visits and shares lots of ideas on how you can use your domestic machine and get your Strips & Salsa quilts finished with free motion quilting.