Stripology Squared Ruler

Tip-Sy Tuesday, May 29, 2018

You know what they say, third time’s a charm. That’s how I feel about my 3rd Tip-Sy Tuesday! If you haven’t seen the first or second Tip-Sy Tuesday don’t worry, they’re not a prerequisite to enjoying this one. Although each contain a Stripology 101 segment (the first two focus on the original Stripology Ruler) each episode stands on its own. All can be viewed on GE Designs' Facebook page, click here for the latest episode. 

I’m often asked what the difference is between the Stripology Ruler and the Stripology Squared Ruler. Further, people want to know if they “really need” both. To this I say, do we “really need” half of the sewing supplies and tools we hold so dear? Actually, I don’t say that aloud for fear those around me might answer no and I’m not willing to give anything up! HA!

In Stripology 101 Part 3: Stripology Squared I’ve tried to explain the differences between the two rulers and demonstrate the benefits of the smaller Stripology Squared ruler. Watch and decide for yourself whether you “really need” both rulers. :)

How do you use your Stripology Squared Ruler? Do you travel with it? Maybe have a t-shirt quilt on your to-do list? The smaller Squared Ruler just might be the ticket. 

Have you made a Nova or Kira quilt? Both are made with assorted 10" squares of light and dark fabrics and are constructed with innovative pieces and cutting. Don’t be fooled by the triangles and circles and think those blocks must be difficult. I promise you won’t have to sew a single triangle or circle. If you watched the Stripology video, you saw how easy it is to make the Nova block.The Kira block is just as easy. 

See what I mean? Super easy. Look at these lovely quilts that were shared on Facebook in Gudrun's Quilt Crew. Have you joined the group? 

Quilt Gallery


  • Nova quilts by Cathy Kieser, Ruth Adelmann Rysted, and Kristin Magnusdottir

  • Kira quilts by Deb Baulfuss, Amy McAnelly Henderson, and Melissa Starkey Armstrong

Ooooh, I've got goodies coming that I found at Quilt Market in Portland. I've added a number of my favorites to the store. Check out the fabrics from Moda, I love their new Color Cuts. They've bundled 24 - 10" squares of various Moda fabric lines in the same color family. You know I'm a fan of their Grunge lines. These new Grunge Junior Layer cakes include 20 - 10" squares. I anticipate more packages arriving filled with quilting love that I will surely pass along to you! 

Thank you friends for asking questions, sharing the videos, and posting pictures of your quilts. Our Giveaway winners, Janelle Vogler and Lori Clabby, won a Nova quilt pattern and a package of GEasy Ruler stickers for doing just that! If you haven't joined in yet, you can follow me GE Designs on Facebook and @gedesignsgudrun on Instagram for future episodes.The Stripology 101 videos are posted on GE Designs’ YouTube channel. As always, I welcome your feedback and encourage you to Share with your friends! 

Until next time, keep strippin!