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Tipsy Tuesday 12/13 Fabrics and Pulls

Tipsy Tuesday 12/13 Fabrics and Pulls

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Falcon Ridge
Grunge Marigold
Bumbleberries Gold Metallic
Shimmer Radiance
Spectrastatic Tar
Canvas Charcoal
Dash Flow Falcon
Chalkboard Texture Black
Grunge Black Dress
Spotted White
Speckled Sweet Cream
Tossed Triangle Carmel
Decostitch Timber Wolf
Grunge Maven Taupe
Grunge Expresso
C&C Black
Spectrastatic Tar
Bumbleberries Mid Grey
Bumbleberries Ocean
Speckled Mallard
Bumbleberries Dark Seas
Decostitch Abyss
Grunge Admirable