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Tipsy Tuesday 12/6 Fabric Bundles and Pulls

Tipsy Tuesday 12/6 Fabric Bundles and Pulls

I'm All Ears
Dimples Snow
Grunge Soft Clearwater
FE Winter Wheat
C&C Buttercup
Flow Buttercup
C&C Rose
Dash Flow Parfait
C&C Camellia
Canvas Kiwi
FE Lettuce
NE Ocean Breeze
Century White Balls
Starry Night
Diag Stripe Black and Whtie
Century Black on Black Asterisks
Spotted Jet Black
Jax Lime
C&C Grasshopper
Bumbleberries Christmas Green
C&C Charcoal Green
Diag Plaid Picnic Timber
Spotted Celestial Maize
C&C Wheat
Prairie Dreams
Grunge Cream
Grunge Natural
Spectrastatic Papyrus
Dimples Rajah
C&C Marigold
Bumbleberries Dark Golden Sand
Decostitch Pecan Praline
Spectrastatic Squash

Spotted Nautical Blue
Grunge True Blue