Tuesday, August 29 2023 Tipsy Tuesday Holiday Show

Tuesday, August 29 2023 Tipsy Tuesday Holiday Show



Cast a Spell Stash Builder

Cast a Spell Broken Glass Runner



Frightful Stash Builder

Frightful Taylor Pattern




Happy Haunting Stash Builder

Happy Haunting 3-Yard

Happy Haunting Panel

Happy Haunting Tossed Patches





Strip Lash S&S  

Spooky and Witchy Stash Builder

Sweet 'n Spookier Stash Builder

Boodacious Stash Builder

Jewel Pattern



Spooky Vibes Stash Builder

Spooky Vibes Panel



Forest Frolic Stash Builder

Forest Frolic Braid Runner

Forest Frolic Strip Poker

Forest Frolic Valerie






Harvest Wishes Stash Builder

Harvest Wishes Lil' Kit

Harvest Wishes Lil' Saga


Shades of Autumn Stash Builder

Shades of Autumn Lil' Kit

Shades of Autumn Lil' Diana


Squirreled Away Stash Builder


Stand Tall Stash Builder

Stand Tall Lil' Kit



Bad to the Bone Stash Builder

Bad to the Bone Clarissa Pattern

Bad to the Bone Lil' Kit

Bad to the Bone Wiggle Room



Ghost Town Stash Builder

Ghost Town Off Kilter Pattern


Ghostly Greetings Stash Builder

Ghostly Greetings Emma Pattern

Ghostly Greetings Take It Easy Pattern



Midnight Magic Stash Builder

Midnight Magic Lil' Kit

Midnight Magic Inga Pattern

Midnight Magic Log Jam

Mystery Manor Stash Builder

Mystery Manor Elvira Pattern

Frightful Night Off Kilter Runner


Spooky Darlings Stash Builder


Spooky Darlings Lil' Kit


Spooky Darlings Kimberly Pattern


Quick Projects


Border Up Tutorial


Harvest Classics Border Up Runner


Nights of Olde Salem Border Up Runner


Fall Leaf Coaster Tutorial

Christmas - Winter


Baby It's Gnome Outside Stash Builder


Baby It's Gnome Outside Border Up Runner


Baby It's Gnome Outside Jewel Pattern


Emma Pattern


Frosty Merry Mints Stash Builder

Frosty Merry Mints Panel

Frosty Merry Mints Jojo Pattern

Frosty Merry Mints Curvacious Runner



Christmas Eve Stash Builder

Christmas Eve Prisms Pattern

Christmas Eve Lil' Kira Pattern

Christmas Eve Low Tide Pattern

Christmas Eve Marina Pattern

Christmas Eve Matrix Pattern

Christmas Eve Panel


Comfort and Joy Stash Builder

Comfort and Joy Tara Pattern


Good News Great Joy Stash Builder

Good News Great Joy Lil Kit

Good News Great Joy Lil Mia Runner


Holiday Flourish Snowflower Stash Builder

Holiday Flourish Snowflower Twinkle Time 


Holidays at Home Stash Builder

Holidays at Home Panel

Holidays at Home Kimberly Pattern

Holidays at Home Braid Runner


Grinch Stole Christmas Minky Green

Grinch Stole Christmas Minky Multi

Grinch Stole Christmas Taylor Pattern


Grinch Stole Christmas Wanda Pattern



Jolly Good Stash Builder

Jolly Good Twinkle Time

Jolly Good Lil Kit



Saariselka Stash Builder


Scandi Stash Builder

Scandi Lil Kit

Scandi Emma Pattern

Scandi Kimberly Pattern

Scandi Noelle Pattern

Scandi Nova Pattern 

Scandi Sara Pattern

Scandi Strip Tease Pattern

Scandi Zoe Pattern


Wintertale Stash Builder



Snow Day Flannel Stash Builder



Winter in Bluebell Stash Builder



Cheer and Merriment Stash Builder

Cheer and Merriment Strippy Dippy Runner

Cheer and Merriment Algorithm Pattern

Cheer and Merriment Panel





Christmas Metallics Curvacious Pattern

Christmas Metallics Black-Gold

Christmas Metallics Gray-Silver

Christmas Metallics Ivory-Gold

Christmas Metallics Red-Gold


Christmas to Remember Stash Builder

Christmas to Remember Panel


Holly Berry Tree Farm Stash Builder

Holly Berry Tree Farm Inga Pattern

Holly Berry Tree Farm Panel


Holly Jolly Stash Builder

Holly Jolly Steamy Windows Supersized Pattern

Holly Jolly Strippy Dippy Runner



Jolly Darlings Stash Builder

Jolly Darlings Perfect Pair - Nikki

Jolly Darlings Perfect Pair - Ariel


Merry Christmas Stash Builder

Merry Christmas Saga Pattern


Snowkissed Stash Builder

Snowkissed Kimberly Pattern

Snowkissed Lil' Kit


Winter Hollow Stash Builder

Winter Hollow Kimberly Pattern



Alpine Ski Quilt Kit

Holiday Happy Place Quilt Kit

Peppermint Parlor Placemats

Grandma's Goodness Flannel Kit

Border Up Kit - Holiday Happy Place

Border Up Kit - Holly Berry Park

Christmas in Europe Kit




Cocoa Sweet Placemat Panel

Cocoa Sweet Apron


Tomtens Forest Friends 5-Inch Squares

Tomtens Forest Friends Placemats

Tomtens Forest Friends Advent Calendar

Tomtens Forest Friends Cushion Panel

Tomtens Forest Friends Double Border


Yuletide Placemats Panel

Yuletide Stocking Panel

Yuletide Table Runner Panel


Scandi Panel

Extreme Santa Advent