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Lectures and Workshops

Gudrun has suspended her travel for teaching and lecturing at this time. For more information on the virtual Zoom lectures she offers, please email gudrun@gequiltdesigns.com.

Virtual Zoom LECTURES:

The presentation is approximately 60 minutes long in addition to a Q&A session to follow and is suitable for a guild program. The lecture will include a trunk show of quilts where they are shown up close as well as a PowerPoint presentation which includes photos of quilts, videos and diagrams. No tech experience or hosting is required by the guild, GE Designs takes care of all of that.
  • Stripology Mixology - Put your stash to work! Learn the tricks behind Gudrun’s cutting techniques and turn your stash into a useable collection of ready to go pre cuts. See the amazing techniques behind the quilts you can make from your collection and the newest releases from Gudrun. 
For a list of quilts shown during the Stripology Mixology lecture click HERE.

RATES & TERMS through December 2023:

  • Zoom Lecture Presentation for groups up to 100: $800
  • Zoom Lecture Presentation for groups up to 300: $1000

Contract: After agreement of dates and fees, GE Designs will provide an Event contract to be signed and returned, containing more detailed information and standard terms & conditions.

TO BOOK A LECTURE, CONTACT GUDRUN: gudrun@gequiltdesigns.com