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Advent Projects 2020

Advent Projects 2020

If you're at all like me, you're just a wee bit sad about the upcoming holiday season. I will be missing the large gatherings with friends and family. I am, however going to do my best to create special GOOD memories this year! Instead of dwelling on what won't be happening, I'm choosing to focus on what I can do to make this year as festive as possible. I'm going to start by sharing 4 simple, fun, FREE projects with you! 

Each Tipsy Tuesday, starting 11/24 and ending 12/15, I will demonstrate a quick little project to spruce up your house or give to friends and family. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on GE Designs Facebook page, so you don't miss out. 

November 24th, GEasy Napkins


These snazzy little napkins measure 14-1/2" finished and only take 1-3/4 yard fabric to make 4! You will find the pattern instructions HERE under Free patterns. You will need to go through the full purchasing process, but will not be charged anything. Make sure to sign into your Account first. 

  • GEasy Point Trimmers can be found HERE.

December 1st, GEasy Bottle Gift Bag 


Super cute and super fast, these gift bags are perfect or any occasion. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. HERE is the pattern.  I'm excited to continue my machine embroidery journey, too. This is going to be the best embroidery solution for an impatient quilter like me. LOL! This holiday I'm going to copy Oprah, "YOU get a bag, and You get a bag, and YOU get bag..."

If you're interested in embroidering your bag you'll want to start there first. Embroider before you sew anything together. I found these designs online and changed up the colors to match what threads I had on hand. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. As a newbie to machine embroidery, I asked a few trusted friends where they get their designs and they recommended both companies to me. I have linked them below. 

From Embroideryonline.com

From Scissortail Stitches

Please note the links above are Affiliate links, I may earn a small commission on any purchases you make from this blog post. No worries, if you chose not to use these links, too. 

December 8th, GEasy Trivet



The third of 4 free Advent projects, this heat resistant trivet doubles as a table topper, candle mat or mug rug, just don't put it in the microwave!  Pattern can be found HERE. I did not add a binding because the Insul-Bright and batting is rather thick. I also wanted the trivet to lay flat. But hey, you do you. If you think it needs a binding, go for it! Another quick gift to bring a little joy to neighbors, friends and family.

 December 15th, GEasy Woven Hearts


The fourth and final free Advent project, Woven Hearts are a sweet little project for all ages. No sewing is required! Perfect for all seasons and celebrations, who wouldn't want a to see these everywhere? Spread the love this to neighbors, friends and family. Pattern is found HERE