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Stripology Mixology 2 Fabric Guide

Stripology Mixology 2 Fabric Guide

You have your shiny new book and you've read it cover to cover. Maybe you even mixed a cocktail to sip while reading? You've narrowed down your Must Do list and finally settled on your first project. Ah, but there's a hitch, you've fallen in love with the fabric. I can't promise the fabrics are still available but I'll do my best to answer "what fabric did you use to make...."  I've even offered suggestions based on what we have in the Shop. 

  • Octavia - I used fabrics from the Naughty or Nice fabric line by BasicGrey for Moda. Luckily, we have the Naughty or Nice Layer Cakes in stock!
  • Angler's Choice - this sparkly Rainbow Shimmer Indigo background was a winner. I've heard fish are lured in by shiny things. LOL! I pulled favorite reds, corals, greens and whites from my strip collection for the lures.
  • Wanda - I used fabrics from the Midnight Magic fabric line for my Halloween themed quilt. The Midnight Magic Mist diagonal plaid would be a fabulous option if you have Halloween fabrics to use. I'm thinking we have a number of fabrics in the Shop or on their way that I would use to make a non-seasonal quilt, Cider Stash Builder Bundle and On the Farm Stash Builder Bundle to name two. 

I truly hope you're enjoying your new book. If you want a refresher pairing fabrics and patterns check out my Matchmaking Series that aired during Tipsy Tuesdays, episodes 66, 68,69, 70 and 71. Click HERE to find a Tipsy Tuesday Index.