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Hey June Quilt Along

Hey June Quilt Along

Hey June!  

June PDF pattern found HERE

June Label pre-order found HERE

Are you ready for another day full of fun? quilting with friends? Some good music? special guests? cocktail & snack recipes? a brand spanking new pattern?

If you answered yes, then mark Saturday, June 26th on your calendar and plan to join us! We're going to be quilting up a storm. Here's what to do until then:

First, make sure you're signed up for the GE DESIGNS NEWSLETTER. That will be your first chance to purchase June. You can find the sign up at the bottom of any page on the website. 

Secondly, keep watching Tipsy Tuesday and Happy Friday. As much as I like to keep things a secret from you, Mr. HP has a way of coaxing details and hints out of me. 

That said, you can find your info sheet and fabric requirements here. You'll have to wait for more details. Patience is a virtue, yes? While you're waiting, you can decide which layout you like best. 

I hope you'll share this info with your quilting friends. It would be great to beat our Hope & Elvira Quilt Along participation numbers from 2020. 2021 has to be better than 2020 right?!


June 15, 2021, Tipsy Tuesday 

  • Gudrun offers many fabric options for creating a June quilt, keep scrolling for a list by category 


Category 1: Contrast


For this category you would have two contrasting groups of fabrics: a light and a dark and a high contrast background. The following Stash Builders fall into this group:

Category 2: Multi-color or Rainbow


This category is for those of us who love color! Don't worry about lights and darks, just separate your prints into two groups and make sure you have a sharp, contrasting background. The photo above on the left is a perfect example, the pattern is Alberta and the fabrics are Sun Print 2021 and Sun Print Crochet Darkness. The photo on the right is June in progress using Dear Diary fabrics and a black from my stash. Stash Builder bundles for this group would be:

Category 3: Similar value Prints/Colors

For a less scrappy or a more controlled look, select fabrics and colors that are similar in value, add your second color and a background. My June blocks in the Abandoned 2 fabric, paired with Scribble Light and Scribble Dark are representative of this group. The following Stash Builders fall into this group:


June 22nd, 2021, Tipsy Tuesday 

  • Gudrun gives tips on getting your fabrics ready for Saturday's QAL and answers Questions
  • Recipes for the June Slushy and Roasted Broccoli and Chickpea Burritos are found HERE


Spotify Playlist, curated by Mr. Honey Producer!

June 25th, 2021, Happy Friday

  • The full June pattern is found HERE

Hey June QAL 2021 - Part 1


Hey June QAL 2021 - Part 2 


Hey June QAL 2021 - Part 3 


Hey June QAL 2021 - Part 4 

 Hey June QAL 2021 - Part 5 

June Quilt Label artwork (click on image to get the printable file)