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June 7, 2023 One Yard Wednesday

June 7, 2023 One Yard Wednesday

Lewis & Irene's Haunted House fabrics are both creepy and silly in shades of black, grey, purple, orange, and green! And they glow in the dark! So much fun! We had so much fun with this fabric, making  skirts and pillowcases!
  1. Measure waist, hip, and desired length
  2. Cut two rectangles
    • one half hip measurement + 2 inches wide
    • length measurement + 2 inches tall.
  3. Sew side seams.
    • Hem skirt bottom 1/4” away from the raw edge, then fold the hem up 1", press and topstitch.
    • Make two elastic channels at the waist. Hem the waist 1/4” and press, then fold the waist 2", press. Topstitch close to the 1/4" fold and again along the center of the waistband.
    • Cut two pieces of elastic waist measurement minus 4 inches. Insert elastic into Step 4 channels. Stitch ends of elastic together. 


    Use the GEasy Travel Pillowcase Pattern (click here) Change cutting instructions to:

    Main Fabric: cut a 27" width of fabric strip

    Cuff: cut a 9" width of fabric strip

    Accent (optional): cut a 2" width of fabric strip

    Assemble as written beginning with Step 4, adding the accent strip between the cuff and the main fabric.

    Stock up on these fun fabrics! 
    Haunted House Double Border Green
    Haunted House Double Border Purple
    Haunted House Double Border Orange
    Haunted House Castle Spooky Grey
    Haunted House Spiders on Green
    Haunted House Spiders on Black
    Haunted House Spiders on Grey
    Haunted House Stars on Dark Blue
    Haunted House Stars on Black
    Haunted House Stars on Orange


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