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June 9, 2023 Happy Friday!

June 9, 2023 Happy Friday!

We love our 'Lil' Patterns - available in pdf format too!


  And, of course, our new Lil' Kits!


Rancho Relaxo by Libs Elliott for Andover has a mid-century vibe with modern shapes and relaxing colors. 

Rancho Relaxo 1-yard lengths and perfect pairs!


Rancho Relaxo Daze Sea Glass

Seedling Lilac

Decostitch Lilac Dusk

Bumbleberries Soft Yellow


Circles Lower the Volume

 Modern BG Net White


Grunge Blue


Grunge Ash

Spectrastatic Sharkskin

Jax Peat


Seedling Licorice

Spotted Ink

 Moonscape Lagoon

Olde Salem Panel & Prints - Great for a Border Up Runner!

Nights of Olde Salem Tote Bag

Nights of Olde Salem Border Print

 Nights of Olde Salem Cobwebs

Nights of Olde Salem Diagonal Plaid 


Border Up Runner Pattern (free!)

Wintertale by Katarina Roccella AGF Studio

Enter and enchanted winter wonderland inspired by Nordic Holiday traditions and celebrate cherished memories. Enjoy shades of peppermint, blushing pinks, and rich shades of spruce and ruby in this nostalgic collection.

Colorwash Textured Watermelon


Seeds Ice

Moonscape Lagoon

Bumbleberries Dark Seas

Decostitch Winter Spruce

Chalk & Charcoal Black

Moonscape Ebony

Jax Marshmallow

Grunge Blush

Seeds Cotton Candy

Chalk & Charcoal White

Moonscape Flame


Holly Jolly Stripes Cheeky


Diagonal Plaid Holly Jolly Cheeky


Baby It's Gnomes Outside!

Add these fun prints:

Baby It's Gnomes Outside Border Stripe

 Baby It's Gnomes Outside Lights Black


Baby It's Gnomes Outside Lights Grey


Diagonal Stripe Red Baby It's Gnomes Outside


Diagonal Stripe Black Baby It's Gnomes Outside


Baby It's Gnomes Outside Stockings

Speaking of Gnomes - what could be cuter than Holiday Gnomes and Words Grey Minky? So cute in 1.5 - yard and 3 - yard  lengths!

Next Up: Tipsy Tuesday!