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March 21, 2023 Tipsy Tuesday

March 21, 2023 Tipsy Tuesday

Check out the yummy Shannon Cuddle at GEDesigns!
We have a large collection of solids - here are a few of our favorite prints:

Cuddle Bliss Batik Turtles 3 yards

Cuddle Flower Mart Snow 3 yards

Cuddle Flowerhouse Mallard 3 yards

Cuddle Sports Black 3 yards

Cuddle Flutter Pansy 3 yard

Cuddle Dino Land Kiwi 3 yards

Our newest Stash Builder Bundle is the Florence line by Christiane Marques for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Nature is an enormous inspiration for Christiane, and these designs reflect her dynamic, organic, floral forms.


Dimples Scorching Pink


Dimples Charcoal


Bumbleberries Bright Coastal


Canvas Hot Sauce


Dash Flow Pansy


Bumbleberries Dark Blue


Floral Elements Cobaltic


Chalk & Charcoal Grape


Dimples Fire Engine

Alchemy Enchanted

Grunge Boysenberry

 Cracked Shadow  by Tim Holtz for Free Spirit Fabrics reflects his love of the eclectic, vintage, and innovative! Add these to a Root Bundle:

Grab these 1-yards for your next project:

Cracked Shadow Amethyst


Cracked Shadow Adventurine


Cracked Shadow Carelian


Cracked Shadow Celestine


Cracked Shadow Granite


Cracked Shadow Jade


Cracked Shadow Jasper


Cracked Shadow Lapis


Cracked Shadow Moonstone


Cracked Shadow Obsidian


Cracked Shadow Quartz


Cracked Shadow Tourmaline


Up Next: One Yard Wednesday!