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Stella QAL Week #3 Trimming

Stella QAL Week #3 Trimming

Week #2 of our Stella QAL was a rousing success! Everyone's making great progress with their blocks. I loved looking through the photos in the Giveaway post. Speaking of the Giveaway, our two winners for Week #1 were Suzie Tibbits (Facebook winner) and Gin Wingen (Instagram winner). These two quilters have won a curated roll of 10" squares. Maybe they'll make another Stella? Congratulations!!

The next step in this QAL is Week #3 Trimming. You should have all your squares sewn and pressed before beginning this step and now we're going to square up our blocks. Give the video a quick look and we'll talk after...


 Keys to a perfect block ~

  • the goal is to conserve as much of the small triangle as possible 
  • If you have a Stripology Squared Ruler, now's the time to use it.
  • Same with those GEasy Ruler Stickers. Mark your corners and the slits you'll be using to trim
  • Position the small triangle closest to you and align to allow for a clean cut on the left and right edges of the block
  • Rotate your block clockwise so the small triangle is now in the upper left corner, again aligning to get a clean cut on the left as well as the right. 
  • If you're confident in your cutting game, stack your blocks to save even more time

For additional help, watch Tipsy Tuesday from 12/11. Around the 15 minute mark I answer viewers' questions and demonstrate how to save blocks that were incorrectly cut in Step #1. Click here to watch

Now get going! And when you're ready, share a photo in the Giveaway posts in Gudrun's Quilt Crew on Facebook (look under Announcements) and/or on Instagram using #stellaqal for a chance to win a prize! Winners' names and posts are drawn randomly and announced during Tipsy Tuesday. 

If you've got any questions regarding the QAL or about quilting please join me during Tipsy Tuesday, December 18th at 8PM CST on my GE Designs' Facebook page. We talk about all sorts of things and I'm here to answer your questions. 

Our final step in Stella QAL, Step #4 Assembly will be during Facebook Friday in Gudrun's Quilt Crew at 3PM CST. This is the fun part!!!! I'll show you various layout options and give you great instructions on how to press those seams!

Keep up the good work!