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Strip Down Strip Along Part 1

We kicked off our new Strip Along on Friday April 6th, during the Live Facebook Friday show in the group Gudrun's Quilt Crew. If you are on Facebook, join the Crew and you can go and watch previous videos, including this one where I demonstrate the first part of our Strip Along.

The pattern we are working on is Strip Down and if you want to join in you can find the pattern here for 50% off this month.

Here is what we did for the first part of the strip along:

Make sure to press your strips before you start. Read through step one where you need to pair up the dark strips with a medium or a light strip. Layer them right sides together and and lay them on your cutting mat into layered stacks.

Using the Stripology ruler, you can cut 4-8 sets at the same time using the horizontal lines to line your strips up. Make the cuts according to step 2 of the pattern. I like to mark the slits with my GEasy ruler stickers to make things even faster and eliminate mistakes.

Once you have your units cut, make sure to keep the rectangles layered and set them aside for later. What is left of the layered strips, you are going to sew together into a strip set.

Press the seams towards the dark fabrics. 

This is all for the part 1 of the Strip Along. It will take you through step 2 in the pattern and half of step 3. 

Next week I will take you through the sub-cutting of the strip sets with some fun options on using your leftovers.

Share your progress on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #stripdownqal or #stripdownstripalong