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Strip Down Strip Along Part 2

This post is a little late because of my teaching schedule. Part 2 of the Strip Down Strip Along was launched on the Friday April 13th Live Facebook Friday show in the group Gudrun's Quilt Crew. If you are on Facebook, join the Crew and you can go and watch previous videos, including this one where I demonstrate the next part of our Strip Along.

If you still want to join us and catch up, the Strip Down pattern is found here for 50% off this month.

In this part we will be working through the rest of step 3 in the pattern and through step 4. 

You should have had all your strip sets done in the last part. Now we are going to sub cut them using the Stripology Ruler.

Take your strip sets and cut them in half, layer the two halves right sides together  so that the seams nest and the dark is touching light (or medium as shown).

Make the four sub cuts according to the pattern in step 3 and then if you want to make the bonus leftover project, cut a 4-1/2" wide unit from the layered strip sets as well. 

Keeping the sub cut units layered, take them to your sewing machine and sew them together. Make sure that the dark fabric is on the bottom at the top as you feed them through the machine. 

Make two identical 8-patch units as described in step 4 and press the seams to the right.

Sew the bonus pieces together as well into a 4-patch.

That is all for our part 2, stay tuned for part 3 where we will go through the rest of the steps making the blocks.

Share your progress on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #stripdownqal or #stripdownstripalong