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Who's up for Strippin' on the Side Scrap Challenge 2020?

I'm just about to start a new quilt along, but this time we're going to take it a little slower as it's a Leaders & Enders project. This isn't supposed to be your main project, it's your side hustle! 

Not familiar with leaders & enders? A LEADER IS the first two pieces you sew together before you begin chain piecing your main quilt project. When you've sewn the last of those chain pieces together, put two pieces from your side project under the needle and create an ENDER. This is a great way to save thread at the beginning and end of chain piecing AND create a secondary useful project at the same time.

What exactly is this project? During upcoming Tipsy Tuesdays I'll be leading a new quilt along. We're all going to start with 1-1/2" strips and end up making one of 6 different quilt tops. There's a link below to the introduction during last week's Tipsy Tuesday. Just remember this is a long range project, there's no need to rush!

What do you need to do to join in? 

1️. Pull those 1-1/2" strips from your fabric collections. Make sure they're at least 10" in length. Don't have very many? Want to add more? Grab yourself a Honey Bun by Moda in my Shop. No need to trim up those pre-cuts, we'll square up later. We have many, many more honey buns on order that should be arriving next week. 

2️. Take advantage of the SPECIAL PRICING on Ebooks: 20% off now thru Monday, October 19th. All my self published books are now available in EBook format. The 6 quilt options will come from the following books: Stripology, Stripology 2, Stripology Mixology, and MY NEW BOOK!!!!! 

3. Watch Tipsy Tuesday, October 20th for more info and see MY NEW BOOK!!!! 


  • TIPSY TUESDAY #73 can be watched on YouTube HERE
  • HONEY BUNS can be found HERE. (make sure to check back for new inventory)
  • EBOOK SALE can be found HERE
  • HARD COPY books can be found HERE.

PART 1 10/20/20

  • TIPSY TUESDAY #74 can be watched on YouTube HERE.

As I said during Tipsy Tuesday, we're going to start by sewing 2 strips together. Before you start sewing however, let's review some of the quilt options you can created from this challenge. Your choice may decide on how you want to group colors. 

Rainbow Ruth from Stripology Mixology, Scrap Challenge 2018, and as a Free pattern on the website. If this is your pattern of choice you may want to group strips together according to color. *LEAVE 2 SINGLE STRIPS FOR EVERY 3 STRIP SETS


Strip Off from Stripology, photo above, right image. Another great pattern for grouping strips according to color. *LEAVE 1 SINGLE STRIP EXTRA FOR EVERY 2 STRIP SETS

Strip Search from Stripology, below left. *LEAVE A SINGLE STRIP EXTRA FOR EVERY 5 STRIP SETS


Strip Lash from Stripology 2, above right.

Strip O'Hoy from Stripology 2. 


Spinning Daisies from Stripology Mixology 2. This is an instant download when you purchase the Pre-Sale Book. 

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